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What is this?

FBI API offers a uniform and flexible API to access a wide variety of services within the danish library area. The API is a part of the Common Library Infrastructure, in danish “Fælles Biblioteksinfrastrutur”. The API allows access to metadata about libraries and their collections and services like search, order and recommendations.

The API is based on GraphQL, which provides benefits such as:
  • A bult in query language - You decide what data you need, and you get only that
  • Access to many resources in a single request
  • A type system that expresses the full capapabilities of the API, which allows for the creation of helpful developer tools

Explore the API

On this site we have gathered developer tools and created documentation with a bunch of examples. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get an overview of the API capabilities, and to get you started making queries that fulfill your application's needs.

Head over to the documentation page to get started.